Research sector videos

Research Council-funded projects require academics to think about Pathways to Impact and using video is an excellent way to reach people and inspire them about your work. We can taylor films for the general public, policy makers, research colleagues, schools and professional groups. In addition online films can massively expand your reach – websites with videos are fifty times more likely to be found by search engines than those without videos and over 100 million internet users watch videos online every day.

We have produced more than fifty high-quality, promotional research videos. Our Producer/Director, George Chan, has a PhD from University College London; over a decade’s experience at the world-famous BBC Natural History Unit; and has worked as an in-house University film-maker. Academics often feedback on just how easy George is to work with. He understands their workplace demands and can be flexible to changing timelines and sign-off processes. He has a deep understanding of target audiences, be they general public or niche specialist groups.

We also produce affordable films on specialist subjects to support student studies – they can be tailored for undergraduates, post graduates or anybody interested in continuing education. These films tend to be about fifteen minutes long and can be particularly useful in helping students feel prepared for a module or get a taster of what a course might be like before enrolling. The films have been inspired by TED Lectures and focus on clear communication and conveying educational facts rather than gimmicks.

Whether you want something creative and stylised or no-frills and direct, we are dedicated to communicating science with excellence.